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We produce aggregates (crushed rock, sand and gravel), ready-mixed concrete, asphalt, cement and cement related products, and recycled materials.

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Ready-mixed Concrete

The UK's largest supplier of ready-mixed concrete

Heidelberg Materials Concrete is the UK’s largest supplier of ready-mixed concrete from a national network of 178 static and mobile production plants. Our integrated supply network and experienced management team makes us an ideal partner for supplying a range of construction materials.

Our concrete plan footprint and downstream supply capability affords us one of the strongest integrated market positions.

Downstream product availability
  • Supported by a comprehensive network of quarries, wharves, railheads and depots for ready mixed concrete, asphalt and concrete block
  • Large high quality sand and gravel reserves
  • Rail-linked aggregate depots
  • We meet the key sustainability criteria of responsible sourcing, appropriate use of secondary materials, minimised embodied impact and healthy materials with minimum exposure to pollution.
Quality-assured concrete

We produce quality-assured, ready-mixed concrete, designed to suit any application from production plants nationwide. So whether you are faced with difficult ground conditions, difficult applications or difficult access, Heidelberg Materials concrete solutions has the answer.

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Heidelberg Materials UK offers a wide range of concretes to suit every project and application. From coloured and reinforced concrete to piling and waterproof concrete systems, we offer a solution. We also have a proven track record in producing bespoke mix formulations for specific engineering requirements. Contact us at the contact details on this page for more information.

Not sure of how much concrete to order? Make use of our Ready-mixed Concrete calculator.

Our customers

We supply our high quality ready-mixed concrete to projects of all shapes and sizes – from large scale nationally significant infrastructure projects like Hinkley Point C and Crossrail to garden paths and shed bases.

We have designed a number of ready-mixed concretes specifically for the home. All products in our Home Range are hard wearing, easy to place and crack resistant and are suitable for a range of applications including foundations, paths, driveways and steps.

We also offer the farming industry our Farm Range: easy-to-use, durable concretes, which comply with all the relevant agricultural standards.

Our trucks

We deliver our products through our fleet of liveried vehicles and have recently invested in 180 new eight cubic metre capacity truck mixers. They feature a new drum which is 15 per cent lighter than a conventional mixing drum so they can carry more product, reducing lorry journeys. The trucks are also more manoeuvrable, have a glass door for improved visibility and the latest Euro 6 low emission engines. Learn more about these vehicles.

For deliveries requiring a small volume of concrete or for sites with restricted access, Concrete offers a mini-mix operation under the Supamix brand. This service is available to customers requiring between 0.5 and three cubic metres of concrete across the North East, Yorkshire and Cumbria.

We deliver to most locations within a 20-mile radius of our plants. Find out more about our fleet.

Below are the locations of our concrete plants across the United Kingdom. Our plant are capable of meeting the demands of major construction projects and are equally equipped to supply concrete for residential uses such as foundations, driveways, garages and patios whilst operating to some of the highest standards in the industry. Please click on the pin to bring up the address details as well as a link to more information on that particular plant.


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Decarbonise your construction projects with low carbon concrete

View our latest online Let's Talk Sustainability webinar to find out how you can reduce the carbon emissions associated with your construction projects by specifying low carbon concrete.

The free webinar is aimed at everyone involved in the construction sector. It includes what we are doing to decarbonise cement to enable us to produce net zero carbon concrete in the future as well as what low carbon concrete products are available right now to help reduce the carbon footprint of construction projects.

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Concrete volume calculator

Concrete volume calculator

Concrete volume calculator

Use our ready-mixed concrete calculator to select the best concrete for your project and work out the volume you require.

Concrete volume calculator
Let's Talk Sustainability

The decarbonisation challenge

View recordings from our Let's Talk Sustainability webinar series, outlining our plans for decarbonisation.

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Sustainable low carbon concrete solutions

Heidelberg Materials concrete can incorporate a proportion of Regen, (Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag or 'GGBS'), which is a cement replacement material, helping to produce a product that generates a much lower level of CO2 emissions than ordinary cement.

Learn more about Regen

Heidelberg Materials has developed its EcoCrete® range of low carbon concretes to make it easier to access low carbon concretes. EcoCrete® reduces the CO2 emissions associated with standard CEM I concrete by up to 85 per cent, helping contractors and clients meet their carbon reduction targets.

Learn more about our Eco friendly concrete