PPN 06/21 carbon reduction plan

Heidelberg Materials UK is committed to fulfilling our share of the global responsibility to keep the rise in worldwide temperature well below 1.5°C.

Our route to decarbonisation has been ongoing for many years and we have made significant headway. We have already reduced our CO2 emissions in the UK by 50% since 1990 and are investing £55 million by 2025 to help cut this by a further 15%.

In 2022 our parent company Heidelberg Materials Group announced new targets to accelerate our journey towards net zero carbon by 2050. By 2030, they aim to:

  • Cut CO2 emissions to 400kg per tonne of cementitious products.
  • Generate 50% of gross revenue from low-carbon and circular products and solutions.
  • Offer circular alternatives for half of our concrete products.

To reach net zero carbon by 2050, we are involved in a number of industry-leading carbon reduction projects. These include carbon capture and storage at our Padeswood cement plant planned to be in operation by 2028 – and a successful world first net zero carbon fuel mix trial at our Ribblesdale plant in 2021. We are trialling carbon capture technology at our Ketton cement works in 2024 and have a hydrogen demonstration project planned for our Criggion asphalt plant in 2025 – both industry leading projects.

Effective management of our CO2 emissions is of key importance to us. Our long-term success depends on sustainable business practices and the UK executive team has given its full backing by launching a dedicated carbon working group, which includes a carbon innovation manager to ensure that continuous CO2 emission reductions are achieved.

In September 2023 Heidelberg Materials UK achieved certification to PAS 2080 – the carbon management standard for buildings and infrastructure.