Tax Policy



The Hanson UK group is part of the HeidelbergCement Group (HCAG). We derive our UK tax policy from HCAG. This policy applies to all UK entities in the Hanson UK group and is approved by the UK senior management team.

  • Our approach
    • The UK tax policy is overseen by the UK finance director and is managed by the director of tax and treasury.
    • We act responsibly with respect to tax matters and protect shareholder value in accordance with national and international laws and regulations.
  • Commitment to compliance
    • We insist on compliance with legal obligations at all times. This includes paying the right tax, on time and claiming reliefs, exemptions and incentives where available.
  • Responsible attitude to arranging our tax affairs and approach to tax risk
    • When organising our commercial activities, we conduct tax planning in accordance with the corporate values of the group and not abusively, aggressively or to the detriment of the business’ reputation.
  • Risk management and governance
    • We have a robust control framework of responsibilities, policies, people and procedures to manage tax risks. Our systems, processes and controls implement this framework.
    • We exercise proactive risk management to reduce the tax risks and the personal risk for those involved.
    • Where there is uncertainty over the application of tax law, external advice may be sought to support our decision-making process.
  • Relationship with HMRC
    • We engage constructively and transparently with HMRC through regular meetings and communications.
    • We aim to keep HMRC aware of significant transactions or business developments and seek to discuss or disclose any past, current and future tax issues in an appropriately proactive, fair and timely manner.