Marine operates out of Southampton, Hampshire, as part of Aggregates UK. We are a small team with a unique skill base covering logistics, mineral resources and ship operations including, but not limited to, ship engineering.

We currently own a purpose-built fleet consisting of four aggregate dredgers. Our newest dredgers are designed for maximum efficiency to deliver aggregate from our many mineral reserves direct to customers in the UK and near continent.

Our vessels operate under an International Safety Management code (ISM), which is one of the most important items of legislation for the international shipping industry. The company is committed to achieving the standards of the ISM code and works under a fully auditable Safety Management System (SMS).

As part of this SMS, Marine recognises that the most important means of preventing maritime casualties and pollution of the sea is to operate well-constructed and well-maintained ships and to crew them with properly trained staff in compliance with international conventions, regulations and guidelines.

Marine Aggregates Resources


Our reserves and resources are managed by the marine resources team based in Southampton. 

Marine Aggregates licencing


We extract sand and gravel from a number of fully licenced marine aggregate extraction areas situated around the coastline.


Our fleet

Marine's fleet of dredgers range in capacity from 1,250 to 8,000 tonnes.

Our fleet
Marine Aggregates Careers

A career with us

We support cadets from an organisation called SSTG, which organises all aspects of the recruitment and training process for new Merchant Navy entrant seafarers. 


Marine product

The UK has the largest marine aggregates industry, with Marine making a significant contribution, especially in markets like London and the Bristol Channel where marine aggregates represent between 70% and 90% of the total sand and gravel supplied and used in the area.

Marine is currently supplying between 4.5 to 5 million tonnes of aggregate to the UK, France and Belgium annually. Our sand and gravel is primarily used in the concrete industry, but has other applications too. We supply direct to wharves with our own fleet and support beach nourishment campaigns with our licences utilising specialist third party vessels that can pump ashore or rainbow onto coastal areas to combat coastal erosion.

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