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We produce aggregates (crushed rock, sand and gravel), ready-mixed concrete, asphalt, cement and cement related products, and recycled materials.

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Coloured Concrete

Heidelberg Materials Colourcrete

Heidelberg Materials range of coloured concrete can add a whole new dimension to your project, available from all of our static and mobile production plants. It can be used wherever conventional concrete is specified and can be colour-matched to blend with the surrounding area or help your project stand out from the crowd. 

The coloured concrete range of high quality ready mix concretes is available nationally in a range of standard colours – or can be produced in a bespoke mix to your exact requirements for a more decorative concrete feel. Coloured concrete provides a permanent, cost-effective alternative to decorative surface coatings and brings colour and texture to a wide range of structures – from footpaths, flooring and facades to skate parks, shopping centres and sea defences. 

Suggested Applications

  • Architectural design – create a feature or tone with the surroundings
  • Public buildings – e.g. museums, showrooms, schools, airports, etc
  • Walkways and cycle paths – brighter colours for safer pedestrians and cyclists
  • Tramways – differentiate between road and tramway
  • Parking – delineate parking bays
  • Leisure – use in skate parks and sports centres
  • Sea defences – complement coastal areas
  • Industrial flooring – demarcation for safer working
  • Domestic – for driveways, patios and domestic use


  • Enhanced design flexibility – decorative and textured finishing techniques and effects
  • Colour consistency – throughout each batch and from batch to batch
  • Fade resistance – to sun and weather
  • Durable – long lasting with little or no maintenance
  • Wide range of colours available – extensive standard range with bespoke options available
  • SRI (Solar Reflectivity Index) – many colours help to reduce the carbon footprint by allowing for reduced lighting requirements
  • Availability – nationwide supply

Case study - Payers Park, Folkestone

Colourcrete was selected due to its strength, durability and low maintenance. With five standard colours in the range and shade variations, it provided a wide choice of colour possibilities.

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Heidelberg Materials is a member of the Quality Scheme for Ready-mixed Concrete (QSRMC) and all our products carry this certification.


Concrete volume calculator

Concrete volume calculator

Use our ready-mixed concrete calculator to select the best concrete for your project and work out the volume you require.

Concrete volume calculator

Sustainable concrete solutions

Heidelberg Materials concrete can incorporate a proportion of Regen, a cement replacement material that generates a much lower level of embodied CO2 emissions than ordinary cement, minimising environmental impact. Recycled aggregates can also be incorporated subject to local availability and mix design.

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