Major projects team

In the UK, our expert Major Projects team delivers our largest contracts.

They engage early with customers and clients to understand a project’s needs and then build a comprehensive solution that exceeds expectations by drawing on the skills and resources of our four businesses: Hanson Aggregates, Asphalt and Contracting, Cement and Concrete.

As with all our operations, the team’s approach is driven by our three core objectives:

  1. Ensuring customer needs are met
  2. Acting in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way
  3. Maximising efficiency

Our customers and clients choose us because we:

Supply and deliver all aspects of the contract

Our extensive resources and  capabilities ensure we can  fulfil contract obligations.

Demonstrate a successful partnering ethos both regionally and nationally

We work proactively with our partners across the country to ensure that projects are completed successfully. Hanson was the first national surfacing contractor to achieve the BS 11000 standard for Collaborative Business Relationships.

Have an impressive track record on major contracts, including:

  • London’s Crossrail
  • Sellafield power station
  • London Gateway Port extension
  • Canary Wharf
  • Clackmannanshire Bridge

Are committed to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Sustainability is an essential part of our culture. We understand our responsibility to minimise transport movement and waste, and to develop products that reduce environmental impact, like Regen a cement substitute that significantly lowers concrete’s embodied CO2, the greenhouse gas emissions associated with its production.

Support our communities

We are focused on our social responsibilities and, whenever possible, we recruit locally to our sites, plants and offices and use local suppliers.

Bring innovation and development

Innovation is central to everything we do. As well as our own specialists and experts, our parent company Heidelberg Materials supports our research and development process.

Manage and monitor performance

Performance is tracked at every stage of a project to ensure that it is completed successfully.