SmartRock Maturity Level Sensors

SmartRock maturity level sensors
Save time with real time data on your concrete
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Combine our low CO2 concrete with the digital maturity solution SmartRock – the wireless concrete sensor for temperature and strength monitoring.

SmartRock wireless concrete sensors monitor temperature and strength gain every 15 minutes for up to 60 days, providing real-time data that can help you save time, money and CO2 with no need for test cubes and no waiting for results. The system gives you the confidence to use our EcoCrete low carbon concrete with higher cement replacement levels, cutting carbon emissions while speeding up time on site and allowing faster removal of formwork.
SmartRock Maturity Level Sensors

SmartRock Maturity Level Sensors

Reduce the carbon impact of your project with SmartRock wireless maturity sensors.
Cut the carbon emissions associated with your construction project by up to 85% by combining our EcoCrete concrete with SmartRock, our digital maturity solution.
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Concrete temperature

SmartRock provides a hassle-free solution to monitor the maximum and minimum temperature, as well as temperature differential of your concrete placement. With our sensors, you can instantly access precise and reliable data on your phone in real-time.

Concrete strength

With SmartRock, you can monitor the strength of your concrete placement in real-time, directly from your phone. This eliminates the need to rely on field-cured cylinders or cubes, potentially enabling you to complete your project ahead of schedule and under budget.
Wireless technology
Monitoring capabilities
Activation and installation
Data collection

SmartRock Mobile App

Our mobile and web apps are designed to be intuitive and user- friendly, making them easy to navigate and use.

Our mobile and web apps are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making them easy to navigate and use.
The SmartRock mobile app allows you to access real-time concrete data directly from the jobsite through communication with the sensor, or remotely via the SmartHub system.
You can quickly and efficiently tag sensors using QR codes and monitor temperature, maturity, and strength data in real-time, as well as organise sensors by project and pour/section.
The app provides proactive custom alerts and smart notifications, and allows you to create and organize a concrete maturity calibration database. You can easily generate complete PDF/CSV reports to share with team members and the app offers multi-company access to project data.
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You can easily get started in just 3 simple steps

Tag sensor
To get started, activate each sensor and tag them in your SmartRock app according to the project and section.
Install and pour
Secure the sensor to the rebar in the formwork, and proceed to pour the concrete as you normally would.
View results
Simply open the SmartRock app to instantly access real- time concrete strength and temperature data.

Technical specification

Reading Range

-30 to 85 °C

Measurement Accuracy

1 °C

Measurement Resolution

± 0.1°C

Measurement Frequency

Once every 15 mins (for 2 months of data)

Wireless Signal Range

Up to 40 feet (12m). Contact us for longer range options

Temperature Cable Length

12 inches (30 cm)/ 10 feet (3 m)/ by request: 50 feet (15.2 m)

Battery Life

Up to 4 months after installation


L: 3 1/8″ (80 mm)
W: 1 5/8″ ( 42 mm)
H: 1 1/32″ (26 mm)

SmartRock concrete sensors trialled at Heathrow Airport

Heathrow is Britain’s busiest airport serving up to 85 million passengers this year. 

As a result, any work needed to its runways, taxiways and aircraft stands need to be completed to the highest standards and as quickly as possible to minimise time, cost and disruption. 

Main contractor Mace, in conjunction with sub-contractor Oliver Connell, trialled the use of our SmartRock concrete maturity sensors to monitor the strength gain of the pavement quality concrete needed to upgrade one of the airport’s main taxiways to reduce the time it would be out of commission. 

The SmartRock digital system is made up of sensors that are placed at intervals (around one every 80m3) within the concrete slabs. The dualpoint sensors record data every 15 minutes for 60 days, sending the information via Bluetooth direct to a mobile phone or tablet.

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SmartRock used by Laing O’Rourke at King’s Cross development

The use of our SmartRock concrete maturity system helped increase the speed of construction and reduced carbon emissions at a residential development in Kings Cross.
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Concrete maturity monitoring used to enable fast-track bridge repairs in Merseyside

Using our SmartRock concrete maturity sensors proved the strength gain of a slab for a new railway bridge allowing it to reopen for trains on time.
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