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Take control of your account with Hub

Our Hub customer portal is designed with customers in mind. It's your gateway to seamless communication and control. Access invoices, delivery tickets, request quotes, and place orders – all at your convenience.

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Real time insights into your orders and deliveries

Stay in the know with real-time updates on your orders and deliveries. Effortlessly keep track of your current, past and future orders.

Easy access to invoices & tickets

View and download invoices and tickets conveniently. Access both historical and current documents whenever you need them.

Stay informed, anytime, anywhere

View and download invoices and tickets conveniently. Access both historical and current documents whenever you need them.

Place orders

With Hub, you can not only manage orders, but also enjoy the convenience of placing orders with ease. Reach out to us via email, to sign up for this fantastic feature, currently available for bulk cement, regen and collected aggregates.

Request for quote

Need a quote for your project? Simply provide your project details, material requirements and technical specifications and our sales experts will be in touch with you.

Streamlined data export

Simplify your data integration and analysis with Hub’s streamlined data export feature. Export your invoice and ticket data into a spreadsheet format, making it easy to organise and analyse the information

Simplify your account management and enjoy the benefits of streamlined operations. Sign up for Hub and experience the convenience and efficiency it offers in managing your account online.

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Introducing the OnSite app, your ultimate solution for tracking concrete deliveries

The OnSite app simplifies your day-to-day tasks and data needs, making it easier for you to manage your concrete deliveries and reduce costs.

It eliminates the hassle of manual tracking and paperwork with just a few taps.

Download OnSite on the Apple or Google Store
Heidelberg Materials OnSite app

Heidelberg Materials OnSite app

Stay ahead with real time updates on delivery time and progress

Easily access information for current and future orders, gaining full control over deliveries

Effortlessly track and manage deliveries using time stamps for loading, arrival time on site and time left.

Save time and minimise errors by reviewing, confirming and modifying orders within the app

Efficiently manage the job site by adding plus loads and managing volumes as needed

Join the growing community of industry professionals that have discovered the power of OnSite. With over 1000 monthly active users, experience the future of concrete delivery by downloading the OnSite app today.

Datalink API Solution

Do you work on big projects and find it challenging to maintain the bigger picture? You're not alone. Managing large-scale operations can be complex, but we have the solution. Introducing Datalink, our powerful API solution. It's not just a digital tool; it's your game-changer.

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Datalink API solution

Datalink API solution

Seamless Data Integration

Datalink seamlessly integrates order, delivery, and invoice data into your ERP system. Say goodbye to data silos and fragmented information. With Datalink, your data is where you need it, when you need it.

Efficiency Redefined

With Datalink, you'll experience newfound efficiency in your back-office operations. Data flows effortlessly, saving you time and resources.

Pub/Sub Feature

One of the standout features of Datalink is the Pub/Sub (Publish/Subscribe) functionality. This dynamic feature provides you with real-time insights into your operations. You don't have to wait for reports or updates, information flows directly to your ERP system. It's like having your finger on the pulse of your business, 24/7.

Start Your Digital Transformation

Ready to explore Datalink's potential and unlock a new era of efficiency? Contact us today to learn more or discuss your specific needs. Your journey to streamlined operations and real-time insights begins here.

Transform the way you manage your data with Datalink. It's time to take control.

Manage HConnect: Your User Management Solution

Manage H Connect

At Heidelberg Materials UK, we believe in giving our customers the power to shape their digital experience. That's why we're excited to introduce Manage HConnect, your all-in-one user management solution designed to put you in control.

Ready to harness the full potential of Manage HConnect?

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User Management Made Easy

Construct your account as you need it with Manage HConnect. Our user-friendly platform empowers you to create and amend users effortlessly. Whether you're onboarding new team members or adjusting access for existing ones, we've got you covered.

Customised Permissions

We understand that not every user needs access to the same features. Manage HConnect allows you to grant permissions to the features you need. It's a simple and transparent process that ensures you're always in control.

Your Data, Your Way

With Manage HConnect, your data is hosted securely in one central place, giving you the confidence that your information is easily accessible and well-protected.

Usage Insights

Want to know how your team is utilising our digital solutions? Our platform provides you with valuable usage data, enabling you to make informed decisions about your account and user access.

SmartRock Maturity Level Sensors

SmartRock wireless sensors

SmartRock maturity level sensors
Save time with real time data on your concrete
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SmartRock® makes it incredibly easy to connect to the sensor onsite with your phone. An optional upgrade to our system, the SmartHub, takes it a step further, replacing the need for you to physically visit the site and connect to the sensor via your phone. Instead, simply leave the compact, lightweight SmartHub at the job site, where it will pick up all the data remotely and send it to anyone who’s shared on the project. Now, you won’t need to visit the job site because SmartHub is onsite for you, grabbing sensor data in real-time.

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Load Assurance

Access instant data on key metrics like slump, temperature, volume, water content, drum speed, and pressure for every load. Simplify and expedite the decision making process.