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We produce aggregates (crushed rock, sand and gravel), ready-mixed concrete, asphalt, cement and cement related products, and recycled materials.

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Contracting services

Heidelberg Materials Contracting is our national road surfacing and infrastructure business and has extensive experience of highways construction works throughout the UK.

We provide a full range of services from early contractor involvement, material design and production, to establishing mobile batching plants and carrying out road construction and maintenance. 

Our national reach allows us to provide high quality asphalt production, road construction and maintenance services for all your project needs.

Creating sustainable, resilient highways 

Our products and services are evolving to tackle challenges such as the impact of climate change and conserving natural resources by promoting the circular economy and decarbonising our business. 

We process base materials including recycled construction materials, asphalt planings and primary aggregate and recycle 100 per cent of worn-out road surfaces, back into new materials. We use technologies such as foamed bitumen, emulsion and cementitious and biogenic binders to produce a range of cold mix materials, providing a lower carbon solution for road construction and maintenance projects.

Cold recycled bound materials (CRBM)

CRBM are a like-for-like equivalent to replace traditional base and binder asphalt courses in road and footway construction.

They are manufactured and installed in accordance with Specification for Highway Works (SHW) Clause 948 and BS9228 and use foamed bitumen or bitumen emulsion to produce quick visco elastic (QVE) or cement for a quick hydraulic (QB) bound material. 

Hydraulic bound material (HBM)/cement bound granular material (CBGM)

Serving as an alternative to traditional flexible paving materials such as an AC 40/60 base course, CBGM is an efficient and cost-effective option for constructing durable, long-lasting roads and footways quickly. 

It can be used for road foundations as a more robust substitute for traditional unbound Type 1 subbase or in flexible composite roads, replacing the asphalt base layer. 

Roller compacted concrete (RCC)

RCC offers a fast, robust approach for constructing heavy-duty road surfaces. It takes its name from the construction methods used and is placed using conventional asphalt paving equipment and compacted using vibratory rollers. 

It has the same constituents as conventional concrete – cement, water and aggregates – but requires no formwork or steel reinforcement.

For more information contact HBM Manager Grant Kershaw:
tel: 07811 776366 


Cold mix recycling plant

Benefits of working with the Contracting team:

  • Easy to do business with
  • Knowledgeable, creative and agile
  • Responsible, reliable and safe 
  • Dedicated asphalt supply 
  • Exceptional health and safety record

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Collaborative working

Heidelberg Materials Contracting was the first national surfacing contractor to achieve the BS 11000 standard for Collaborative Business Relationships. Read more


Our 2030 Commitments will build on the success of our 2020 objectives, which were set in 2010. Read more

Health and safety

The welfare of our employees is our number one priority. Read more

Strategic road network, smart motorways and major projects:

  • Maintenance of National Highways pavement assets
  • Maintenance of Welsh Government pavement assets
  • Road improvement works such as HE smart motorway projects
  • Partnering on DBFO contracts

Local authority road network:

  • Term maintenance contracts
  • Framework contracts
  • Individual and multi-site contracts

Other infrastructure projects

  • Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station
  • HS2 enabling work contracts
  • s278 and s38 developments as surfacing subcontractor

Our people: Our people and services we can offer is what sets Heidelberg Materials Contracting apart from our competitors.

Our people and services we can offer is what sets Contracting apart from our competitors. We are a united company focused on exceeding customer expectations through an engaged team that is responsible, reliable and safe. We constantly challenge ourselves and are committed to excellence and hard work and recognise each employee’s contribution.

All of our employees are offered a range of training opportunities to allow them to continually develop. By committing to learning and training opportunities, we want our colleagues to feel confident and motivated to contribute to our success.

Heidelberg Materials UK offers a structured, two-year graduate trainee manager programme, which gives our future leaders exposure to all areas of our business. We have also designed our Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) higher management apprenticeship programme for enthusiastic school leavers. It offers the best of both worlds – earning while you learn and develop supervisory skills in a hands-on environment.

Credentials and benefits of working with us

Our credentials:

  • National Highway Sector Scheme 16
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety
  • ISO 44001 Collaborative Working
  • BES 6001 Responsible sourcing of materials
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management

Products: A new era® in asphalt

A new era® in asphalt

era® is our energy-reducing asphalt, which helps meet the sustainability targets of today’s road building projects.

Its innovative production process allows material to be produced at a lower temperature, reducing the carbon emissions associated with asphalt production by up to 50 per cent while enhancing durability and improving health and safety for contractors.

The reduced temperature of era® also allows faster completion of resurfacing works, minimising time on site and disruption for motorists. 

Both products in the range - era® 100 and era® 140 - can include recycled material in the mix and the asphalt itself is 100 per cent recyclable at end of life.

Find out more about our asphalt products here.

Dorset Highways Strategic Partnership

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A19 Dishforth to Tyne Tunnel

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A66 tar bound recycling

Hanson Contracting completed a project on the A66 at Little Burdon, near Darlington, in which 10,000 tonnes of tar bound planings were recycled.

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