High Performance Concrete

Heidelberg Materials Duracrete

A concrete that delivers the highest performance.

Duracrete, Heidelberg Materials High Performance Concrete is available from all Heidelberg Materials Concrete plants across the UK. Ultimate strengths can exceed 100N/mm2, however it is the enhanced durability performance that is of most benefit.

Using silica fume and the latest admixture technology, Duracrete has a significantly reduced internal porosity compared with conventional high-strength concrete. This reduction improves the concrete’s ability to withstand ingress of usually harmful bodies such as chlorides. In addition to this, Duracrete has a much denser surface zone improving wear and abrasion over time.

High Performance Properties

Higher early-strength cycles can also be achieved typically from 3 to 7 days. For high-strength concrete within the first 48 hours, we would recommend our FastTrack range of concretes. This is due to the fact that it takes approximately 8 to 12 hours for sufficient Calcium Hydroxide to be liberated from the cement component to react with the silica fume and begin the full hydration process.

Duracrete’s increased durability and strength may be used as part of the initial design stage to minimise additional protective measures. This results in a possible reduction in reinforcement, and a possible reduction in cover to reinforcement. Plus, more slender cast elements such as columns which in turn provides more usable floor space within the build.

Suggested Applications

  • Loading bays
  • Scrap yards
  • Warehouse floors
  • Service yards
  • Waste recycling yards
  • Agricultural applications
  • Coastal defence systems
  • Foundry floors
  • Hot material storage areas

Benefits of High Performance Concrete

  • Early strength
  • Early drying
  • Underwater durability
  • Withstands environmental extremes better
  • Impact and abrasion resistance
  • Quality-assured
  • Better bond strength between paste and aggregates
  • Better resistance of concrete to attack from sulphates
  • Enhanced water tightness

Benefits subject to good concreting practice (placement, finishing and curing).

Case study - the IYLO, Croydon



Heidelberg Materials Concrete supplied 250 cubic metres of high strength concrete to the IYLO project, a 20 storey apartment building constructed in Croydon by Lancsville Construction Ltd. Read more about this project.

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Heidelberg Materials is a member of the Quality Scheme for Ready-mixed Concrete (QSRMC) and all our products carry this certification.

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Sustainable concrete solutions

Heidelberg Materials concrete can incorporate a proportion of Regen, a cement replacement material that generates a much lower level of embodied CO2 emissions than ordinary cement, minimising environmental impact. Recycled aggregates can also be incorporated subject to local availability and mix design.

Learn more about Regen