A19 Dishforth to Tyne Tunnel

Client: Autolink Concessionaires (A19) Ltd

Value: £3-4 million per annum

Form of contract: ICE conditions of contract

Overview: All resurfacing work for a 100km of the A19 in the north east of England

Products used:

Autolink began work on this DBFO (design, build, finance and operate) contract for Highways England in 1997. Hanson Contracting has been working as Autolink’s preferred supplier since the outset of this ongoing project.

Key to delivering this contract is Hanson’s collaborative working approach and input into the planning and coordination of the schemes, the majority of which are undertaken at night to minimise disruption.

Collaborative working initiatives include the location of Hanson’s team within Autolink’s offices; joint health and safety training and audits; annual independent audits; and the introduction of the Hanson iPave tablet to allow joint access to all records.

In 2014 the partnership was reviewed and Hanson introduced a new performance management toolkit designed to measure its performance and continuous improvement against 45 compliance measures. The main headings are:

  • People – five measures including level of supervision, management visits and trained operatives
  • Responsible – 18 measures including inductions, waste records, carbon measures and inspections
  • Technical – five measures including innovation, right first time and on time
  • Delivery – seven measures including adherence to sector 14 certification, supply chain approval and completion document issued on time
  • Financial – 10 measures including target cost approvals, submission of all cost sheets weekly and final cost issued within seven days of completion

Sustainability benefits

  • A panel of inquiry follows any lost time injury to establish the cause and all site personnel and managers attend regular health and safety briefings and updates.
  • All planings are recycled back into the road network.
  • All vehicles are fitted with trackers to monitor and record their carbon footprint.
  • Hanson supports Autolink’s local charity fund raising events

A19 Dishforth to Tyne Tunnel


(United Kingdom)