Dorset Highways Strategic Partnership

Client: Dorset County Council

Value: £10-15 million per annum

Form of contract: Bespoke partnership contract

Overview: A unique partnership responsible for delivering all highway maintenance and construction projects in Dorset.

Products used:

  • Full range of Hanson asphalt surfacing products
  • Aggregates
  • Concrete
  • Surface dressing materials

Hanson and Dorset County Council have been involved in a unique collaborative working partnership, responsible for delivering the complete range of highway maintenance and construction projects across Dorset, since 2009.

Key to the success of the partnership was the appointment, from the outset, of a Hanson partnership manager who works within Dorset County Council’s offices and is the first point of contact for all activities on a day-today basis.

Reciprocal working has been another key feature of the partnership with Hanson using the Dorset Highways Organisation’s sign-shop, vehicle workshops, grounds maintenance and high maintenance departments.

Working collaboratively – and using early contractor involvement on all schemes – has resulted in considerable benefits in both cost and time. Other initiatives include daily scheme walk-throughs, joint training and material testing, monthly KPI reviews and introduction of Hanson iPave tablet for all onsite recording and sharing of documentation.

Sustainability benefits

  • 750,000 hours accident free to date and a panel of inquiry follows any lost time injury to establish cause.
  • All site personnel and managers attend regular joint health and safety briefings/updates and exchange safety alerts and best practice notices.
  • Recycling facility established at local quarry.
  • Planings are recycled back into the network where possible.
  • Considerate Constructors Scheme bronze awards 2014 and 2015 and excellent public satisfaction feedback scores.
  • All vehicles are fitted with trackers to monitor and record their carbon footprint.
  • Sponsorship/support for local community events/initatives.

Dorset Highways Strategic Partnership

  • 2015



(United Kingdom)