Environmental responsibility - water

Our 2030 water use commitments

Our progress

We will reduce mains and abstracted water consumption by 10% from a 2018 baseline

Mains water use fell by 8.0% from 17.5 litres/tonne in 2018 to 16.1 litres/tonne in 2022.

Abstracted water use fell by 36.0% from 170.5 litres/tonne in 2018 to 109.7 litre/tonne in 2022.

Total water use fell by 33.1% from 188.0 litres/tonne in 2018 to 125.8 litre/tonne in 2022.

A new commitment to have formal water management plans for sites in areas of water scarcity by 2023 and all remaining sites by 2025

There are 174 sites within Hanson UK that require the implementation of a water management plan by 2028 with 6 of these sites completed to date. 

Reducing impact on water use in action

Water monitoring and improvement plans

The criticality of water supply has resulted in further ambitions for our operational sites in relation to water scarcity, water stress and water risk activities to be undertaken; culminating in comprehensive water management plans for the 174 sites identified with Hanson UK operations. 

Our water and land use advisor is overseeing the work at all sites to improve our monitoring, digital recording, and reporting of water data. All our active sites had a water monitoring plan completed in 2022 and these form part of the overall water management plans which serve as a record of how water is being used and measured on site; identify opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle water; assess any risks to local water systems; and produce actions to be carried out to improve our water efficiency in line with our 2030 commitments.

Additionally, the plans will include engagement with local stakeholders in identifying how our water resources can be utilised most efficiently, as well as ensuring we are managing our water abstractions and discharges in a responsible manner.


Total water usage


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2022 125.7 5525


Reduce total water consumption per tonne - no set value


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