Heidelberg Materials FarmTank®

Designed to comply with the British Standard

Good waste management is an integral part of every farm. Heidelberg Materials FarmTank® is designed to help farmers contain agricultural liquids safely and efficiently and is designed to comply with the British Standard.

Where to use it

  • Slurry storage
  • Manure storage
  • Other waste management structures
  • Liquid retaining structures


  • Complies with DEFRA guidelines
  • Complies with the British Standard for liquid retaining structures
  • Provides an impermeable surface which reduces risk of contamination from leakage into the surrounding ground
  • Excellent consistency allows ease of placing and construction
  • Satisfies requirements for reinforced concrete and is able to withstand imposed loads


Heidelberg Materials is a member of the Quality Scheme for Ready-mixed Concrete (QSRMC) and all our products carry this certification.


Concrete volume calculator

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