Concrete for farming industry

Concrete used in the farming and agriculture industries must be hardwearing and able to withstand harsh and aggressive environments. The challenges presented by animal waste and heavy machinery, for example, mean that standard concretes may not be able to provide a long-lasting durable solution. 

As a result, Hanson has developed a range of easy-to-use, highly durable, crack-resistant and hygienic ready-mixed concrete products designed specifically for farming and agricultural uses such as farmyards, storage areas, waste management structures and livestock housing. They are quality assured, comply with all relevant agricultural and British standards and, when laid correctly, they are highly resistant to abrasion, erosion and chemical attack. They are available nationwide from all of our static and mobile production plants.

Agricultural concrete for outside areas

Outside concrete areas such as farmyards, loading bays, pathways, access roads and farm tracks need a concrete designed to resist potential damage from heavy plant and machinery. A high-strength concrete designed specifically for this aggressive environment will also guard against the effect of low temperatures and the use of de-icing salts .

Prior to laying the concrete, a minimum of 50-75mm graded granular fill material should be laid and compacted to create a stable sub-base. A binding layer of sand should then be added to form a close knot between the sub-base and the concrete, ensuring the final concrete slab will not move or crack. The usual recommendation is that the concrete slab should be 150mm thick, but this should be increased if there are significant loadings or poor ground conditions. 

Crack control mesh is not usually required with specialist farming and agricultural concrete and the use of structural steel fabric mesh is normally only needed when vehicles cross the slabs. The concrete should be left to cure for seven days prior to use by heavy vehicles to prevent cracking.

Concrete for farm storage buildings

Storage buildings – particularly grain and crop stores and hay sheds – must comply with relevant quality assurance schemes and satisfy the requirements of the Food Safety Act. Concrete offers a solution to this, and a wide range of other storage needs, by providing a barrier between the ground and stored material, protecting harvested crops. It also offers excellent load-bearing capabilities to support the weight of both crops and equipment, is suitable for building partition walls and silos and can be finished to provide an appropriate surface for loading and handling and for ease of cleaning .

Concrete flooring for agricultural applications

Concrete is the perfect flooring choice for any agricultural building, from machinery storage and workshops to cattle sheds and livestock areas. Chose a concrete manufactured for strength, durability and hygiene, to provide:

  • resistance to abrasion from surface scraping and animal traffic
  • resistance to potential damage from heavy plant and machinery
  • a high-quality surface finish, reducing any issues with cleaning and hygiene
  • a tough, durable wearing surface with improved chemical resistance .

Concrete for waste management

Good waste management is an integral part of the running of every farm and DEFRA has set out guidelines on manure storage to help. Ready-mixed concrete which complies with the British Standard for liquid retaining structures – as well as the DEFRA guidelines – can help farmers contain agricultural liquids, such as slurry, safely and efficiently. It provides an impermeable surface which reduces the risk of contamination from leakage into the surrounding ground, satisfies requirements for reinforced concrete and can withstand imposed loads . Structural reinforcing steel will normally be required in both slabs and walls.

Hanson Farming Range

Hanson's range of hardwearing, highly durable concrete is ideal for farming and agricultural uses. 

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Stores and sheds

Livestock and workshop floors

Maximum strength floors

Agricultural liquids and other waste management

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