Community liaison meetings

Engagement with the communities in which we operate is a key priority. To ensure we gain a representative view of local needs, we meet with a range of different people, including community representatives, parish and town councils, and local authorities. We are also developing a national stakeholder engagement map, where we can track community needs.

Our community liaison meetings have led to engagement in local schemes and initiatives as well as financial support and material donations such as:

  • Meetings with the local community, regulators and council departments to assist in the development of an air quality improvement plan for the town, including traffic management, infrastructure and local industry.
  • Stepping in as the main sponsor of the Discover Rutland Visitors Guide for 2020/2021 to ensure the guide was delivered, promoting local small businesses, and ensuring they had as much publicity as possible for when they were ready to reopen following the impacts of Covid-19.
  • Donating the asphalt required to resurface the car park at a community hall in Cheddar, Somerset.

We have also offered site visits across the country to improve the public’s understanding of our industry, as well as providing opportunities for students and geological groups. We hosted 110,194 visitors between 2016 and 2020.