Setting the standard for nuclear safety

We have become one of the first companies in the UK to be certified to the new ISO 19443 standard, which seeks to drive nuclear safety culture, confirming our status as a leading supplier to the sector.

BS EN ISO 19443 is the new quality management standard for those supplying products and services that are important to nuclear safety. The system is based on ISO 9001, combining best practice in quality and applying its principles to the nuclear sector while enhancing many areas to ensure long term impacts are assessed to reflect this highly regulated sector. 

We are a key supplier to the nuclear sector and are currently working with three of the delivery teams on the Hinkley Point C (HPC) project.

“It has taken our HPC team a year to complete the ISO 19443 process,” said Stewart Cameron, head of nuclear at Hanson UK.

“Although it is not a requirement for our supplies to the project, it recognises the efforts we make – and helps others understand – why nuclear needs to be different.

“Reaching this new standard was a huge team effort, with work including upgrades to our systems to ensure full compliance as well as two audits carried out by Construction Products Certification (CPC). 

“Going forward it will drive nuclear safety culture in the sector, with quality and safety at the heart of all processes.”

QSRMC/CPC certification manager Kelvin Nutman added: “The Hanson nuclear team demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of ISO 19443 throughout the initial audit process and a commitment to quality and safety within the nuclear supply chain.

“This gives confidence that the current HPC project and future projects will be executed and maintained to a high standard. QSRMC/CPC commends the Hanson nuclear team on its proactive approach, particularly during the UKAS witnessed assessments.” 

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