Basement waterproofing systems 


Basements are making a comeback: as building plots are getting smaller and more expensive, builders and homeowners are seeing the sense of creating more space from the same footprint. The key to a successful outcome is basement waterproofing, which will protect against water entering the structure and allow you to create additional living space, leisure facilities or car parking. Without waterproofing your basement, you risk water getting in and causing damp-related and structural issues. 

The British Standard BS 8102:2009 is the code of practice for protecting structures below ground level from water ingress. It gives recommendations and guidance on three different methods of waterproofing:

  • Type A: Also known as tanking, where a barrier system is applied internally or externally to the walls and floor of a structure;
  • Type B: An inbuilt characteristic of the structure by adding waterproofing additives to the concrete used to form the walls and floor;
  • Type C: The use of cavity drain membranes, where the aim is not to prevent water entering the structure but to manage it and divert it to a pumping chamber or external land drain.

What’s the difference between basement tanking and waterproofing?

Basement waterproofing covers all methods of waterproofing (BS 8102:2009 Types A, B and C), whereas basement tanking refers only to the application of a membrane or coating to act as a barrier.

Tanking a basement is what BS 8102:2009 refers to as Type A waterproofing. Here, a membrane or coating is externally or internally applied to walls and floors to create a protective barrier and prevent ground water from entering the building.  

How can Heidelberg Materials help?

Heidelberg Materials Ready-mix Concrete is the UK’s largest supplier of ready-mixed concrete and has a national network of over 180 static and mobile production plants. We design and produce quality-assured ready-mixed concrete to suit any application, including solutions for basement waterproofing. All of our waterproofing systems meet the British Standard BS 8102:2009.

Heidelberg Materials waterproof concrete

Heidelberg Materials range of waterproof concrete has been developed using the latest admixture technology from our partner Sika® and provides a quality-assured solution that meets all requirements of BS 8102:2009. View more information on our waterpoof concrete systems.

We offer two basement waterproofing systems: Heidelberg Materials Gold waterproofing system and Heidelberg Materials Silver waterproofing system.

Heidelberg Materials Gold waterproofing system

BS 8102:2009 suggests consideration should be given to using a dual waterproofing system – for example Type A (externally/internally applied barrier) PLUS Type B (waterproofing system integrated into the concrete) – where the risk of water ingress is high or where the consequences of a failure to achieve the required internal environment are too high.

Our Gold waterproofing system is a complete solution in these circumstances as it includes Heidelberg Materials watertight concrete together with a fully bonded membrane from Sika®.

Heidelberg Materials Silver waterproofing system

Our watertight concrete has a waterproofing system integrated into the concrete mix, which prevents water passing through the structure. This watertight concrete is combined with the appropriate Sika® join sealing systems for connections and construction and movement joints in our Silver waterproofing system. 

Benefits of Heidelberg Materials waterproofing systems

  • Comply with BS 8102: 2009 Type B integral waterproofing construction
  • Quality-assured: all relevant approvals and standards
  • Complete solution: includes design, support and ancillary materials
  • Peace of mind: experience in the waterproofing and concrete industry
  • On-site inspection and support
  • 15-year warranty (Silver) and 25-year warranty (Gold)
  • Sustainable: 100% recyclable 
  • Available nationwide from 180+ static and mobile production plants 

Case study - BDP studios

We supplied watertight concrete during the construction of the stunning new BDP (Building Design Partnership) Studios in Manchester, in order to ensure a dry basement that conforms to BS 8102 Grade 4. Read more


Heidelberg Materials is a member of the Quality Scheme for Ready-mixed Concrete (QSRMC) and all our products carry this certification.


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