A bespoke concrete solution used in secant piling

EasyPile® SP is a bespoke concrete solution used in secant piling for constructing retaining walls using interlocked bored piles. Secant piled walls are predominately constructed so that the primary piles contain lower strength concrete than the concrete in the secondary piles. Walls are installed as hard/firm or hard/soft depending upon the specified requirements for the secant wall.

EasyPile® SP has two mix designs to help the contractor construct the required secant wall.

Firm pile concrete

‘Firm’ primary pile concrete is a lower strength concrete that fills the gap between the ‘hard’ secondary piles. The concrete mix is designed to be soft enough to allow the secondary pile to be cut into the adjacent piles.

Hard pile concrete

‘Hard’ secondary pile concrete is a reinforced concrete mix that is installed in between the ‘soft or firm’ primary piles when forming a secant wall.

Benefits of using EasyPile® SP

  • Improves internal cohesion of mix and prevents segregation
  • Reduced occurrence of internal bleed channels
  • Mixing water absorption into surrounding substrates is greatly reduced, in most cases totally eliminated, enabling workability levels to be maintained throughout construction
  • High fines matrix to improve mix fluidity and reduce internal friction resulting in reduced wear on drill heads and lower drilling torques
  • Reduced pumping pressure compared to conventional designs resulting in a reduced risk of ‘blow back’/line failure and reduced wear on placing equipment
  • Design incorporates up to 95% cement replacement using Regen, leading to significantly lower levels of embodied CO2 and greater BREEAM credentials
  • Design strength envelope for assessment of required strength at time of drilling/excavation
  • Available nationally from all UK concrete plants
How hard pile and soft/firm pile concrete is used to create a secant wall

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Heidelberg Materials is a member of the Quality Scheme for Ready-mixed Concrete (QSRMC) and all our products carry this certification.

Sustainable concrete solutions

Heidelberg Materials concrete can incorporate a proportion of Regen, a cement replacement material that generates a much lower level of embodied CO2 emissions than ordinary cement, minimising environmental impact. Recycled aggregates can also be incorporated subject to local availability and mix design.

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