Regen is a highly sustainable cement substitute. From its low-emissions production process to its use in long-life structures, concrete made using Regen provides many sustainability benefits.

With a worldwide production of 1.4 billion tonnes a year, the manufacture of CEM I Portland cement is regarded as a high-emissions industry. The use of cement replacements provides opportunities for significant reductions in energy use and CO2 emissions.

The most effective alternative to Portland cement is Hanson Regen, which typically replaces 50 per cent of the Portland cement in a concrete mix. Greater proportions of up to 95 per cent can be used, with advantages in special applications.

There are environmental benefits to be gained from the use of Regen as a cement substitute in both the production process and throughout the life of the structure. In its production process, Regen:

  • Generates very low CO2 emissions, as it is a by-product of iron-making
  • Produces very low emissions of the harmful gasses SO2 and NOx
  • Requires virtually no quarrying or mineral extraction

The increased durability of concrete manufactured using Regen further reduces a project’s environmental impact by:

  • Reducing the amount of repair and maintenance required
  • Extending the service-life of concrete structures

A comparison of the environmental impacts of Regen and Portland cement is given in the table below.

Comparison of environmental benefits of Regen and Portland cement (PC)
Environmental issue Measured as Impact
One tonne of GGBS1 One tonne of PC
Climate change CO2 equivalent 0.07 tonnes 0.95 tonnes
Energy use Primary energy2 1,300 MJ 5,000 MJ
Mineral extraction Weight quarried 0 1.5 tonnes
Waste disposal Weight to tip 1 tonne saved3 0.02 tonnes
1. No account has been taken of the impacts of iron-making because the slag is created regardless of whether or not it can be used.
2. Includes energy involved in the generation and distribution of electricity.
3. The use of slag for the manufacture of GGBS saves it from potential disposal.
Source: Higgins D D, Sustainable concrete: How can additions contribute? Institute of Concrete Technology Annual Technical Symposium, 2006
Enabling sustainable construction with Regen GGBS

Enabling sustainable construction with Regen GGBS


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