Heidelberg Materials Asphalt

Tufflex® TX is a highly flexible, deformation resistant surface course treatment for high-speed roads.

Tufflex TX delivers National Highways highest rating for wheel track deformation – level 3. Tufflex TX uses high quality, high polished stone value (PSV) aggregates and our specially developed polymer modified bitumen (PMB).

Tufflex TX is tough on noise, skid resistance and wet weather spray with a texture that is retained throughout its service life. Tufflex TX is also tough enough to stand up to heavy traffic yet provide an ultra-smooth ride.

Tufflex TX can be laid by any competent contractor in line with BS EN 594987. It is available in 10mm and 14mm nominal sizes and can be laid between 30mm and 80mm thick.

Tufflex TX can also be produced using Heidelberg Materials’ era 140 warm mix asphalt process, meeting the requirements of current National Highways major network specifications.


  • Deformation resistance - level 3
  • Enhanced ride quality
  • Reduced noise
  • Excellent spray reduction
  • Reduced CO2 when supplied as era 140
  • 100% recyclable

Available with the following options:


  • Residential roads
  • Local authority networks
  • Roundabouts

Tufflex TX technical data

Material property Test specification Typical result
Nominal sizes   14mm; 10mm
Binder   High performance polymer
modified bitumen (PMB)
Layer thickness (recommended)   35mm – 80mm
Surface texture (sand patch, immediately after laying)   0.8 – 1.8mm
Design void content BS EN 12697-6 Vmin 1.0% – Vmax 5.0%
Binder drainage BS EN 12697-18 Beaker Method < 0.3%
Water sensitivity BS EN 12697-12 Method A (ITSR)
BS EN 12697-23
≥ 80%
Indirect tensile stiffness modulus BS EN 12697-26 Annex C > 1,800 MPa
RTPD (wheel tracking) BS EN 12697-22 Procedure B WTS in Air ≤ 0.8mm/103

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