Heidelberg Materials Asphalt

Tufflex® HD/HD+ is a unique asphalt surfacing solution designed for very heavy, slow moving traffic. It contains a polymer modified bitumen (PMB) with an exceptionally high softening point.

PMB is at the heart of a unique solution that offers good protection against damage caused by heavy, slow moving traffic. The product also contains fuel resisting properties.

Tufflex HD/HD+ is available in 6mm, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm nominal sizes and can be laid between 30mm and 150mm thick using a traditional asphalt paver with a 6-10 tonne roller in combination with conventional paving equipment in line with BS 594987. As a single layer application Tufflex HD/HD+ can halve the installation time of traditional material.

Please note: Minimum 7 days’ notice required to stock specialist binder.


The main advantages of Tufflex HD are:

  • Cost-effective over the whole life
  • Very high deformation resistance
  • Low air void which prevents water ingress
  • Fuel resisting properties
  • Good workability
  • Has a resistance to elevated temperatures from chemical attacks from leachates
  • Good load spreading ability from very heavy, slow moving traffic at higher temperatures to prevent wheel track deformation
  • Increased stiffness
  • 100% recyclable

The main advantages of Tufflex® HD+ are:

  • Increased stiffness over Tufflex HD
  • Enhanced fuel resisting properties

Available with the following options:

Details of constituent quality and layer thickness shown below:

  • 6mm nominal size 30 – 60mm
  • 10mm nominal size 40 – 80mm
  • 14mm nominal size 50 – 100mm
  • 20mm nominal size 60 – 150mm


  • EME2 alternative
  • Carriageways
  • Farm floors/composting areas
  • Industrial areas
  • Lorry parks and bus stations

Tufflex® HD / HD+ technical data

Material property Test specification Typical result
Design void content BS EN 12697-6 ≤ Vmax 5.0%
Water sensitivity BS EN 12697-12 Method B (i/C) BS EN 12697-23 ≥ 80%
Binder drainage BS EN 12697-18 Beaker Method < 0.3%
Indirect tensile stiffness modulus BS EN 12697-26 Annex C >5,500 MPa
RTPD (wheel tracking) BS EN 12697-22 Procedure B WTS in Air ≤ 0.8mm/103
Fatigue BS DD ABF ≥ 100,000 cycles to failure @ 100µstrain

Please see asphalt product matrix for further information or contact technical: