Tufflayer® offers an alternative SAMI (stress absorbing membrane interlayer) to asphalt reinforcing layers by providing a highly polymerised impermeable crack relief interlay solution that also protects lower layers from water ingress.

Laid by conventional paving equipment the Tufflayer solution uses a specially designed polymer modified bitumen (PMB). Tufflayer achieves optimum flexibility, enhances fatigue resistance and significantly delays the effects of reflective cracking. Avoiding the use of geogrids also reduces on-site equipment and personnel, reducing the health and safety risk.

The unique Tufflayer design achieves a low voids impermeable finish making it ideal for concrete overlays or any site where reflective cracking may be an issue.

Using Tufflayer as an alternative to geogrids provides a superior design solution at reduced whole life cost.


  • High levels of flexibility
  • Significant delays in reflective cracking  
  • Protects lower pavement from moisture ingress
  • Increased durability
  • Cost and carbon effective over the whole life
  • Reduced CO2 when supplied as era 140
  • 100% recyclable

Available with the following options:


  • Concrete overlays
  • Sites where reflective cracking is an issue
  • Major projects

Tufflayer® technical data

Typical material properties Typical result
Target thickness 25mm
Minimum overlay thickness 35-40mm
Overlay thickness in heavily trafficked areas  100mm
Typical laying temperature  160-175°C
In situ voids 0.5-2.0%
Resistance to deformation Class 2 60°C (Cl 943 requirement)
Fatigue life Up to 25 times higher when compared with a conventional bitumen solution*

Material property

Test specification Typical result
Design void content BS EN 12697-6 Vmin 0.5% – Vmax 3.0%
RTPD (wheel tracking) BS EN 12697-22 Procedure B
WTS in Air
≤ 1.0mm/103

*Analysis of ITFT data using 40/60 DBM as a comparator.

Please see asphalt product matrix for further information or contact technical: