Tuffdrive® provides a high-quality surface finish with enhanced resistance against power steering use from private vehicles on residential driveways and parking areas.

Tuffdrive has a unique design employing a specially formulated polymer modified bitumen (PMB) ideal for driveways and car parks where a highly scuff resistance material is required. Tuffdrive’s unique design results in a highly durable material that should outlast conventional materials, significantly reducing the whole-life carbon cost to the environment.

Tuffdrive+ offers increased levels of compactability, resistance to power steering and fuel resistance.

Tuffdrive is available in both 10mm and 6mm nominal sizes. We recommend Tuffdrive is laid using conventional paving equipment in line with BS 594987.

Tuffdrive can also be produced using Heidelberg Materials' era 140 warm mix process, reducing CO₂ emissions.


  • Deformation resistance
  • Scuff resistance
  • Cost and carbon effective over the whole life
  • Reduced CO₂ when supplied as era 140
  • 100% recyclable

Also available with the following options:


  • Driveways
  • Car parks
  • Housing developments

Tuffdrive technical data

Coarse aggregate
Los Angeles abrasion value 30 max
Aggregate abrasion value 10 max
Flakiness index 20 max (6mm 30max)
Nominal sizes 6mm; 10mm
Binder High performance Polymer
Modified Bitumen (PMB)
Layer thickness (recommended)
6mm Tuffdrive 20mm – 30mm
10mm Tuffdrive 30mm – 40mm

Road and laboratory test results

Material property Test specification Typical result
RTPD (wheel tracking) BS EN 12697-22 Procedure B WTS in Air ≤ 1.0mm/103

Please see asphalt product matrix for further information or contact technical: