Tuffdrain® asphalt has been developed for use in sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) to provide excellent drainage and durability. It’s an asphalt material developed for use in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).

The solution works in line with current planning requirements by managing rainfall for a wide range of applications including porous or ground water storage technology.

Tuffdrain helps to prevent localised flooding with its unique design. It utilises a premium polymer modified bitumen (PMB) to provide a durable# free-draining solution that out-performs traditional open textured asphalt concrete (AC) materials and the requirements for SUDS systems. Tuffdrain has improved durability through the thick PMB binder film and aggregate matrix interlock.


Tuffdrain should be laid in accordance with BS 594987 by experienced SUDS installers with attention given to the foundation, drainage characteristics and traffic loading.


  •  Avoid construction and heavy plant using the surface
  • Light traffic should avoid static turning with power steering
  • The surface should be kept as clean as practicable.
  • Brush or vacuum any: leaves, spillages/site detritus
  • Use of power washers is not recommended as debris can be forced into the matrix causing blockages
  • Standard road sweepers can be used occasionally but may damage the surface
  • During Winter use spreaders/applicators to apply rock salt
  • Clear snow with a suitable plastic shovel. If using mechanical means use plastic/rubber buckets or ploughs


  • Excellent drainage
  • Enhanced durability#
  • Quicker installation
  • Increased stiffness
  • 100% recyclable

For increased stiffness where a degree of fuel resistance may be required.

Tuffdrain HD
For higher stress areas where the drainage is required in line with higher levels of performance.

Please note: lead in time may be required for Tuffdrain+ and HD versions.

Available with the following options:
era®/CleanAir®/CarbonLock®/ AgeLast®/RecyclePlast®


  • SUDS applications

  • Sport surfaces

  • Footpaths

Tuffdrain technical data

Coarse aggregate
Los Angeles abrasion value 30 max
Aggregate abrasion value 15 max
Flakiness index 20 max (30 max for 6mm only)
Nominal sizes 6mm; 10mm; 14mm,  20mm
Binder High performance polymer modified bitumen (PMB)

Road and laboratory test results

Material property Test specification Typical result
Binder drainage BS EN 12697-18 Beaker Method < 0.3%
Water sensitivity BS EN 12697-12 Method A (ITSR) BS EN 12697-23 ≥ 80%
Indirect tensile stiffness modulus BS EN 12697-26 Annex C > 3,000 MPa
RTPD (wheel tracking) BS EN 12697-22 Procedure B WTS in Air ≤ 1.0mm/103
Hydraulic conductivity BS DD 229 > 15,000mm/hr (10mm)
> 20,000mm/hr (20mm)

Tuffdrain offers enhanced durability when compared to traditional open textured asphalts. However, before placing an order please review the site compatibility with your local sales/technical team.

For more information on our SUDS range of aggregates (Aggflow) used within the Tuffdrain mix, please contact technical at

Additional information can be found in the asphalt product matrix or be contacting technical: