Pre-Coated Chippings

Heidelberg Materials’ pre-coated chippings product range includes Clause 943 hot rolled
asphalt (HRA) surface course and binder course (performance-related design mixtures).

HRA is a dense, gap graded asphalt designed to be used in a wide range of applications. Pre-coated chippings are highly resistant to polishing and are rolled into, and form part of, an HRA surface course. Heidelberg Materials’ offers a range of pre-coated chippings with varying polished stone values (PSV) which vary according to the asphalt plant they are produced at:

  • Craig Yr Hesg – 68+ PSV
  • Runcorn – 60, 65, 68 PSV
  • Bradford – 60 PSV
  • Keepershield – 55, 60, 65, 68 PSV
  • Criggion 60, 68 PSV



  • Use of high quality aggregates in accordance with BS EN 13043
  • Availability of coated chippings for surface course when required
  • SHW, EN and PD compliant
  • Available bulk/packed products

Please note: we are able to deliver on a nationwide basis.

Please note: we are able to deliver on a nationwide basis.
Please see asphalt product matrix for
further information or contact technical:

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