Energy reducing asphalt

Our energy-reducing asphalt helps you meet the sustainability targets of today’s road building projects.

Its micro-foaming method cuts the level of carbon emissions associated with asphalt production for road laying by up to 50%, while enhancing durability and improving health and safety for contractors.

For greater sustainability, the mix can use up to 50% recycled material during production and it is also 100% recyclable after use.


  • Faster completion of resurfacing work
  • Up to 50% reduction in CO₂ emissions
  • Reduction in thermal ageing process
  • Enhanced durability
  •  Includes recycled content
  •  Improved health and safety
  • Available from selected Heidelberg Materials asphalt plants

Also available with the following options:


  • Motorways
  • All major roads
  • Most asphalt solutions

Please see asphalt product matrix for further information or contact technical: