Airfield - Asphalt for Runways

Airfield asphalts are a unique brand of materials designed to meet the requirements of the UK airfield specifications for runways, aprons and taxi ways. Airfield asphalts are designed using Heidelberg Materials’ own high quality hardstone aggregates and specialist bitumens from our supply partners.

Each Airfield asphalt mix goes through a rigorous design process to ensure UK aviation specifications are met.

With the ability to supply from off-site plants, the expensive process of setting up on-site asphalt plants can be avoided. This gives the contractor the potential to deliver schemes to the client at vastly reduced costs. Where site and schemes dictate, Heidelberg Materials also offers mobile plant options.

Heidelberg Materials’ suite of Airfield asphalts include BBA (Betons Bitumineux Pour Chaussees Aeronautiques) and Specification 049 SMA.


  • Can be supplied from off-site plant
  • Meets UK aviation specifications up to highest class
  • Speed of installation
  • Can be laid with conventional paving equipment
  • 100% recyclable
  • Available from Heidelberg Materials’ asphalt plants across the country

Airfield BBA C typical data

Material Property Test specification Typical result
Design void content BS EN 12697-6 Vmin 4.0% – Vmax 9.0%
Binder drainage BS EN 12697-18 Beaker Method < 0.3%
Water sensitivity BS EN 12697-12 Method A (ITSR) BS EN 12697-23 ≥ 80%
RTPD (wheel tracking) BS EN 12697-22 Procedure B WTS in Air ≤ 1.0mm/103
Fatigue BS DD ABF ≥ 100,000 cycles to failure @ 100µstrain

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Case Study - Runway, Carlisle Lake District Airport

Airfield, a hard-wearing specialist material for runways, has been supplied to the regional airport at Carlisle for use in both the binder and surfaces courses. The product was designed to meet the requirements of current BAA and Defence Estates Airfield Specifications for runways, aprons and taxi ways. Read more