Foamed asphalt

Foamed asphalt is a cold mix product that provides a lower carbon solution for road construction and maintenance projects. 

It is manufactured by injecting water and air into hot bitumen under high pressure, causing the bitumen to foam. This increases its volume and decreases its viscosity, which allows the aggregate to be effectively coated. 

Foamed asphalt can contain up to 95% recycled materials and reduce the carbon emissions associated with asphalt production and laying by a minimum of 40% compared with conventional hot mix materials.

It is designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and it meets the Specification for Highways Works Clause 948. 


  • Carbon reduction: minimum 40% saving compared with standard hot mix asphalt.
  • Health and safety: low production temperatures greatly reduce fumes, odour and steam, improving air quality and reducing risk of burns for work force.
  • Workability: foamed asphalt can be immediately placed and compacted or stored for later use, extending working times and ensuring continuous supply.
  • Productivity: curing times are reduced enabling faster completion of resurfacing work, increasing efficiency and resulting in less disruption for road users.
  • Circular economy: enables the value from existing worn-out materials to be realised by recycling and reusing, reducing waste.
  • Reusing hazardous waste: can encapsulate tar-bound planings, allowing them to be safely reused in carriageway construction.