CarbonLock asphalt contains biogenic material within the binder, which absorbed and stored atmospheric CO₂ during its growth. This CO₂ is ‘locked’ into the material for its entire service life, even when planed and recycled.

It is estimated that the inclusion of biogenic materials within the binder ‘locks in’ six tonnes of CO₂ into every kilometre of road, rather than releasing it back into the atmosphere, cutting emissions further. As a result, the product provides at least a 25% reduction in carbon emissions compared with standard hot mix asphalt.

CarbonLock is available with polymer modified bitumen (PMB) to produce an asphalt that offers additional durability benefits to further extend the life of the asphalt and reduce the need for maintenance interventions, providing whole-life carbon reduction.

CarbonLock can be produced using Heidelberg Materials’ era 140 warm mix process, which allows it to be manufactured at a lower temperature than standard hot mix asphalt, reducing energy requirements and associated carbon emissions.


  • Lowers carbon emissions associated with production and laying by at least 25%
  • Enhances durability
  • Contains biogenic material from sustainable sources
  • Options for thin surface course solutions
  • Can include a polymer modified bitumen (PMB) to offer additional durability and whole-life carbon reduction
  • 100% recyclable
  • Available from Heidelberg Materials asphalt plants across the country

Also available with the following options:

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