Updated UK sustainability commitments for 2030 and beyond

Updated UK sustainability commitments for 2030 and beyond

We have developed revised UK sustainability commitments for 2030 and beyond, which reflect the Heidelberg Materials Group sustainability strategy but take key UK drivers into account.

Th updated commitments give us clear and measurable goals to help us build a more sustainable future and cover topics under four headings: net zero, circular and resilient, safe and inclusive and nature positive. They link with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to demonstrate that we are in line with global action.

Around 60 indicators have been created to reflect the interests of each sustainability topic. Some have specific targets to be achieved by 2030 with the remainder being monitored and reported on an ongoing basis.

Marian Garfield, UK Sustainability Director, said: “The world needs smart, sustainable and resilient infrastructure but challenges like climate change and limited resources mean that the production and use of heavy building materials must evolve.

“Our updated 2030 commitments will help us address these challenges and are at the heart of everything we do, providing a stepping stone to achieving our 2050 net zero ambitions.”

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