Social profit report for 2022 published

In 2022 we generated almost £54 million worth of social profit in the UK, established through the delivery of a range of different performance indicators using the Loop social monetisation tool.

The figure reflects our commitment to supporting initiatives that benefit the lives and wellbeing of all affected by our activities, including the wider community.

Among the social profit highlights in 2022 are the creation of 49 hectares of new habitat; training a further 86 Mental Health First Aiders; employing 698 new people, including 18 apprentices and seven graduates; and investing over £1 billion in the local economy.

The 2022 social profit total of £53,972,406 is lower than reported in 2021 due to the Loop software undergoing a significant update to it metrics and valuations to align with the HM Treasury Green Book, which uses a true cost-benefit analysis approach.

“Social profit is about so much more than money and the economic value we provide in terms of savings to government and taxpayers is just one element,” says Sustainability Director Marian Garfield.

“The others are social value – measured through the improved wellbeing of our stakeholders including donations of time, money and materials to charities, training and qualifications, community visits and so on – and environmental value, which represents habitat protection and creation, reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.”