Padeswood cement plant

Padeswood CCS plans reach another milestone

We have signed a front-end engineering and design (FEED) contract for a carbon capture plant at our Padeswood cement works in north Wales.

The agreement, with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Worley, marks another milestone in our plans to create the UK’s first net zero cement works.

Cement is a key component of concrete, the second most consumed material in the world after water, but its production is carbon intensive. A large proportion of these carbon emissions come from the chemical processes involved in making cement, so the only way to remove them is by capturing them before they enter the atmosphere. 

We are proposing to build the facility, which would capture up to 800,000 tonnes of CO2 a year and could produce evoZero® carbon captured net zero cement as early as 2028.

CEO Simon Willis said: “This is a decisive next step in our plans to install carbon capture technology at our Padeswood cement works. Once operational, it will provide net zero building materials for major projects across the country, enabling us to help decarbonise the construction industry and meet our ambition to become a net zero business.”

Our plans at Padeswood are part of the HyNet North West decarbonisation cluster, which aims to create the world’s first low carbon industrial cluster through its development of a hydrogen and carbon capture and storage project. 

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