World first net zero fuel trial success at Ribblesdale

Let’s Talk Sustainability - The decarbonisation challenge

Learn how to help address the challenge of decarbonising construction projects with the latest in our series of free online events.

Let’s Talk Sustainability – The decarbonisation challenge is being held from 14.00 to 16.30 on Thursday 02 May 2024. The live webinar is aimed at everyone in the construction sector with an interest in the topic including contractors, local authorities, highways professionals, architects, engineers, and housebuilders.

It will showcase how we are leading the construction materials industry in decarbonising our products and includes:

  • An outline of why concrete is regarded as a high-carbon product and what can be done to reduce this.
  • An overview of our 2030 sustainability commitments and decarbonisation roadmap from our Sustainability Director Marian Garfield.
  • An update on our industry-leading carbon capture and storage project at our Padeswood cement works in north Wales.
  • How we demonstrated a world first using hydrogen to fuel cement production and what this might mean for future fuel switching to low carbon/net zero mixes.
  • An introduction to evoZero, the world’s first carbon captured net zero cement.
  • A panel discussion with customers about how the construction industry supply chain can work together to meet the decarbonisation challenge.

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