Hornsea Project One

Powercrete is used on Hornsea Project One, the world’s first offshore windfarm to exceed one gigawatt in capacity.

Hanson UK supplied Powercrete to Hornsea Project One, the world’s first gigawatt offshore windfarm located off the Lincolnshire coast in the north of England. On completion in 2020, Hornsea’s 240 wind turbines, covering 407 square kilometres of the North Sea, will be the world’s largest offshore windfarm and provide low carbon power to over one million homes.

Ensuring the safe and effective transmission of wind turbine generated electricity is a key part of the project’s delivery. Powercrete, with its high thermal conductivity, is ideal for use in the construction of the new onshore substation − where the electricity generated offshore will be transmitted to the National Grid.Over 2000m3 of Powercrete has been specified as a bedding and infill material for underground cables, providing a complete heat-conducting solution with the same ease of placement as normally delivered concrete. Read more about Hanson's range of heat conducting concrete.

“It’s vital that as much of the wind turbine generated electricity as possible is delivered to the National Grid. Powercrete was chosen for Hornsea Project One to solve capacity loss associated with increased resistance due to overheating in underground cables.Using Powercrete allows you to increase power capacity, reduce conductor crosssectioning or switch to aluminium conductors.

It serves to reduce magnetic field strength for alternating current and mitigate hotspots.

Powercrete allows us to maximise the harvesting of natural energies, increase power capacity and provide a sustainable, long-lasting solution.”

Adam Birkinshaw, technical development and major projects manager, Hanson UK