Social value policy

Our social value policy is founded on our core values and responsible leadership principles and applies to all areas of our business, our employees and all parties who undertake activity on our behalf. It follows the national TOMS framework and integrates our health, safety and wellbeing, and environmental commitments.

It covers:

Culture and leadership

Social value is integral to our business and is founded on our core values and responsible leadership principles.


Social value is managed through a policy framework that integrates our health, safety and wellbeing, environmental and social value commitments and objectives and describes the organisational arrangements in place.


This policy applies to all employees and all parties who undertake activity on our behalf. It applies to all Heidelberg Materials UK operations, products and services.

Approaches and initiatives 

We are committed to implementing strategies, approaches and initiatives to benefit lives and wellbeing of all affected by our activities, including the wider community.

The full policy can be downloaded here




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