Heidelberg Materials Ready-mixed Concrete Maidstone (Closed)

This plant has closed

We do have Heidelberg Materials concrete suppliers in the area located at Salford, RochesterSittingbourne and Tunbridge Wells.

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Already a customer? Or looking to order concrete for a smaller project including foundations, driveways, garages and patios? Get in contact at the details below:

Tel: 0330 123 4634

Email: concretesoutheast@uk.heidelbergmaterials.com

District sales manager: Samantha Wiltshire Mobile: 07977 251 162

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SmartRock maturity level sensors

Combine our low CO2 concrete with the digital maturity solution SmartRock – the wireless concrete sensor for temperature and strength monitoring.
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Heidelberg Materials offers a wide range of concretes to suit every project and application. From coloured and reinforced concrete to piling and waterproof concrete systems, we offer a solution. We also have a proven track record in producing bespoke mix formulations for specific engineering requirements. Contact us at the contact details on this page for more information.

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Reinforced concrete

Screed floor solution

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