Heidelberg Materials Asphalt Bulls Lodge (Chelmsford) 


Bulls Lodge Quarry
Generals Lane, Boreham
United Kingdom

Quotes and orders

Tel: 0330 123 0763 - option 3
Email: Southeastasphaltsales@uk.heidelbergmaterials.com

District sales manager

Jade Bell
Mobile: 07866 972 555


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Hanson Asphalt Collect & Go

Asphalt collect facilities are available from this plant with priority collections times, shop facilities and a loyalty scheme. Click here for more information.

About Heidelberg Materials Asphalt

Our high quality asphalt product solutions have been developed to be the ideal choice for a wide range of asphalt surface applications, from major civil engineering projects to domestic driveways and footpaths. Our customers are also able to buy asphalt directly from our network of plants. Our range of asphalt for sale includes various asphalt mixes including cold mix asphalt and permeable asphalt. Heidelberg Materials offer Asphalt deliveries 24 hours, 7 days a week up to a distance of 50 miles from our asphalt plants. We operate a 200 vehicle strong company fleet of fully CLOCS and FORS Gold compliant non-tipping Walking Floor artics and 8 wheel tippers.

The majority of our Heidelberg Materials liveried, contracted fleet is CLOCS and FORS Silver and Bronze compliant. 4 wheelers, 6 wheelers and Tridem 8 wheelers can be made available on request. Walking Floor artics offer an extra 8 tonne payload in comparison to 8 wheelers and are a great way to reduce vehicle movements on site and delivery material in the safest and most sustainable way possible. Learn more

André Granström

Ansvarig Driftsledare

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621 94 Visby


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