Heidelberg Materials Aggregates Bradford Depot


Common Road
Low Moor
BD12 0SW
Collect Times

Monday - Friday: 05:00 - 15:00
Saturday: 05:00 - 10:30 Sat & Sun (alternative weekends)

Materials Limestone

Contact the manager

0127 460 6479

Quotes, sales and orders

Tel: 0330 123 0760
Email: aggregatesnortheast@uk.heidelbergmaterials.com

Cash sales Tel: 0330 123 0665
Email: cashsales.aggsasphalt@uk.heidelbergmaterials.com

District sales manager

Danny Cox
Mobile: 07799 656319
Email: daniel.cox@heidelbergmaterials.com


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About Heidelberg Materials Aggregates

Heidelberg Materials Aggregates produces and distributes aggregates - crushed rock, sand and gravel - from a network of quarries, depots, and wharves. 

We supply aggregates for a variety of construction uses including ready-mixed concrete production, pre-cast concrete, brick and block manufacture and asphalt production. We also produce specialist sands for glass making, horticulture, agriculture and leisure.

We are also able to offer an extensive range of specialist aggregate products, including: industrial sands, agricultural lime, SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) aggregates,  and sea defence aggregates.

We also sell sand and gravel to other precast and ready-mixed concrete manufacturers and to the general market. Read more


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